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If you are listening, I hope this helps you glow. Whatever that may look like.

Skin & you is a weekly podcast where Amelia discusses with experts in the industry about their journey and the current hot topics everyone is talking about in the skin space.

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Episode Guide

Episode 1: Amelia Gartner - Who am I, Life and Lessons to come.

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I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself before we started this journey together. Skin and You won't be about me, but I'll be your guide, leading you through different realms of your body to truly discover everything we can about the skin you are in. I hope this makes you think and question everything you know about your skin and body. I hope it inspires you to start thinking about how intrinsically connected all aspects of our bodies are and prompts you to make small but significant changes in your life. Welcome to Skin and You. 

Episode 2: Dr Kelly Thornbury - Overcoming obstacles, safety, and surgery's emotional toll.

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Dr Kelly Thornbury is a female fully qualified Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon based in Sydney. Coming from a rural community, Dr Thornbury's journey to becoming a surgeon was a long and intensive period that took her through university and training for most of her 20s and 30s.

In this episode, Kelly discusses her path into medicine, how she managed to train to be a top Plastic Surgeon whilst also starting a family, and how she struggled with the constant juggle of work and family life. Kelly goes into depth about her ultimate 'why' for what she does and why she loves her job. She also discusses at length the patient stories she encounters daily and the amazing emotional and physical changes her ladies go on when undergoing these types of surgeries.

Kelly's passion and openness about patient safety and helping people shines through in this heart-warming episode about a woman who has worked endlessly to become top of her field and is now changing people's lives daily.

Episode 3: Ryan Rose Evans - Shame, acceptance and healing your body wholistically.

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Ryan Evans is a Wholistic Health Coach who works with clients to combine different forms of therapy with functional medicine.

Originally from London, Ryan now calls Australia home and is working with some of the biggest personalities in the country to change their perspective and improve their health. Ryan's beginnings started in a world of crime, fighting and addiction - one where if he'd carried on down that road, it would have probably killed him. But instead, after a particularly dark time, Ryan completely overhauled his life and chose a path of learning how to live well and thrive through peaceful contentment.

In this episode, Ryan is brutally honest and open about his life and why he wanted to change. This story is familiar to many but often has a more tragic ending when people cannot escape their destructive behaviour and lack a guide to help them on the journey. Now, Ryan is helping to be that guide to help people improve multiple aspects of their lives so they can start seeing changes in their bodies, skin and mental health and begin to thrive.

Ryans' frankness about how his past put him in a position to help heal others creates a truly magical story you don't want to miss.

Episode 4: Madona El Nachar -

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Madona El Nachar is one of Sydney's top Dermal Therapists at Kelon Beauty, a tranquil and transformative skin clinic in the heart of the heart. Madona is one of the best-kept secrets for the ultimate glowing skin of some of Sydney's A-listers, with customised treatments for every client as they begin a skin journey.

Healthy skin is vital when it goes to a glowing complexion, and it's often harder to achieve than we think. Our skin is so often influenced by external and internal factors that it can often be challenging to maintain the perfect balance and ensure we are giving our bodies and skin precisely what it needs.

During this episode of Skin and You, Madona speaks about how it's vital to look at a complete holistic view of the skin and body to devise the perfect treatment plan for each person. In addition, she talks about how to maintain your skin integrity and rejuvenate your skin condition for optimal skin health.

Episode 5 - Christiana Velis - Fear of foods, gut health and hormonal skin changes.

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Christiana Velis is a Sydney-based nutritionist dedicated to helping people realise how food can change and restore our bodies. 

Christiana Started as a corporate lawyer but took a dramatic life and health shift as her body began to reject the demanding lifestyle, which started to affect her health and her ability to have children. 

Christians' love of food and nutrition is evident in this honest Episode as she talks through her struggles and why this lead her down this journey. In this Episode, Christiana speaks about how we can work to heal our bodies with nutrition and what common mistakes people are often making. 
It can often be tricky when trying to fix systemic health problems that are hard to diagnose or long-term. Christiana understands this from a fundamental level as she works with patients to try and put pieces of the puzzle together and work alongside other heath care professionals for the best result. 

Episode 6: Hannah English

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Episode 7: Kristin Fisher

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