Ep 5 - Christiana Velis - Fear of foods, gut health and hormonal skin changes.

Christiana Velis is a Sydney-based nutritionist dedicated to helping people realise how food can change and restore our bodies. 

Christiana Started as a corporate lawyer but took a dramatic life and health shift as her body began to reject the demanding lifestyle, which started to affect her health and her ability to have children. 

Christians' love of food and nutrition is evident in this honest Episode as she talks through her struggles and why this lead her down this journey. In this Episode, Christiana speaks about how we can work to heal our bodies with nutrition and what common mistakes people are often making. 

It can often be tricky when trying to fix systemic health problems that are hard to diagnose or long-term. Christiana understands this from a fundamental level as she works with patients to try and put pieces of the puzzle together and work alongside other heath care professionals for the best result. 


  • Starting in Nutrition
  • Hormonal health
  • Loss of period
  • Gut health
  • Balancing your diet
  • Daily tips