Hannah English

Ep 6 - Hannah English - Nurodivergence, overwhelm and the best skin care.  

Hannah English is a content creator, beauty writer, and pharmaceutical scientist who is hugely popular on social media for her unapologetically authentic beauty reviews. 

Hannah started her content creating a career as a diary documenting her beauty journey because she loved to experiment with products. In addition, her scientific background gave her a way to understand the science of our skin and how this might relate to certain ingredients, making her able to provide simple science-literate explainers to her Instagram community which they loved.  

In this Episode, Hannah is open and honest about her struggles growing up as a little bit 'different', which later led to her Neurodivergent diagnosis. She also discusses the pros and cons of this within her career now and why it's sometimes incredibly overwhelming even when you no so much. 

This Episode is a fun and energetic discussion between two neurodivergent women who simply love skincare and beauty. 



  • Early Life
  • ADHD
  • Information overwhelm
  • Skincare science
  • Being present
  • Daily tips 


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